When to Use A Portable Roadway and Access Mat


Portable roadway and access mats are extremely useful as temporary road mats. These mats can be used and reused many times. They can then be recycled after the end of their lifecycle. Portable road matting can be used as an alternative to the extremely expensive aluminium systems for tyre and vehicle protection. These mats also can take the place of timber mats which have to be replaced when they rot. Let’s see the other occasions when these portable road mats can be used.

Efficient Ground Cover
Efficient Ground Cover

Effective and efficient ground cover

Access mats and portable roadway mats are now being used by engineering companies. They are also used by landscape contractors and event management companies. The ability of these mats to cushion wheels in mud, sand, and snow is the reason why they are so popular. Imagine an outdoor event which is extremely well planned, and everything is going along smoothly, when a heavy downpour or snowfall causes havoc. To avoid a situation where people’s cars can get stuck in the mud or slip in the snow, roadway mats can be used. This is how this simple mat can potentially save lives in dangerous weather conditions.

Road Matting
Road Matting

Benefits of roadway and access mats

Portability, durability and easy maintenance means these mats can be used in just about any place where an anti-slip heavy duty, stable surface is needed. They are especially ideal for:

• Helipads
• Mining
• Dragline mats
• Heavy haul
• Oil rig mats
• Disaster relief
• Drill mats
• Construction
• Landscaping
• Staging
• Military purposes
• Road construction
• Mobile homes
• Trailer based modular offices
• Structural movers

As they can handle heavy loads, they are suitable for military and commercial trucks as well as oil tankers and trucks. They are also used underneath construction cranes and oil rigs. They have zero warping, cracking and splinters. As for cleaning them, you can just simply hose them down with water.

Protection for Vehicles
Protection for Vehicles

Protection for vehicles, humans, and turf

These mats allow access over marshy areas, as well as mud and sand, which make them extremely useful for army vehicles which have to be driven over rough terrain. Unfavourable road conditions can protect personnel, equipment, turf and vehicles. Even heavy vehicles carrying huge machinery cannot destroy grass and turf if a roadway mat is used. Soil compaction, rutting and any other kind of damage to turf is also prevented by these mats.

Portable Roadway
Portable Roadway

Easy to maintain, transport and install

The best thing about these mats is that you can carry them around and use them whenever you need access to slippery or muddy roads. The mats are durable and rugged. They can be installed easily too. As mentioned earlier, you can maintain them easily, just washing or hosing them with water is enough to clean them.

Portable roadway and access mats are very useful when a strong artificial surface is required, whether it is for outdoor events or for oil rig, military or construction purposes. They can be utilised several times and then sent for recycling, which makes them an eco-friendly choice.