Tips to Choosing the Perfect Split System Air Conditioner


Split air conditioning system is a fabulous and versatile alternative to the traditional window ACs. When you talk about the split AC system, there are mostly three distinct components. They are the indoor unit, which carries the evaporator coil and the outdoor condensing unit. The AC systems come with enough refrigerants when it comes to the 25 foot of line set. If the distance is longer, extra refrigerant will be needed. The split system AC might be multi zone or single zone. In the single zone AC system, a single evaporator coil is connected to the condensing unit in the outdoors.

Split System Air Conditioner
Split System Air Conditioner

On the other hand, multi zone AC system may cool 2-4 rooms while having only a single outdoor condensing unit. The number of indoor units is reliant on the number of rooms you wish to cool. Each of the rooms that need to be cooled requires an indoor unit. There are various mounting styles when it comes to the indoor unit of the system. The wall mounted indoor unit is used commonly. It is installed by using the mounting bracket and is controlled by the wireless remote control.

Ceiling models for the split AC system are also available. They are mainly available in three distinct styles, namely, recessed, suspended, and concealed. The suspended unit is mounted upon the ceiling to make the removal faster and easier. On the other hand, the recessed unit is mounted in a way that there are no protrusions when the units are installed. Concealed units open just to release the warm and cool air and are totally concealed.

You may choose the best among the mounting styles. Some of the systems even come with the pump system but they are not as sufficient as the central heat source. You may be now wondering which kind of split air conditioner system to install. The weather conditions play a vital role in deciding to install the air conditioner.

Split AC
Split AC

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing Split Ac

Air conditioning experts and professionals consider several factors when you are about to choose the split air conditioner system. They include the height of the house, the kind of insulation, the height of the ceiling, the kind of room, the size of doors and windows, the room orientation and the shades in and around the room.

The Split Ac Has to Be as Per the Room Size

The output of the air conditioner is measured in kilowatts. You may talk to an expert who may guide you through the AC purchase. The room size needs to be considered when choosing the AC. The exact calculation can be procured from the AC expert. You need to calculate the size of the room in meter square.

Get the Right Size of Ac

Generally, you will need an AC with 1-1.5 kwtt of cooling capacity. This is needed for every ten square meters.

Split Air Conditioner
Split Air Conditioner

Important Features to Consider When Buying Split Air Conditioner

• You need to consider if the AC unit can provide you both cooling and heating option or not. Thus, the room will stay warm during winters and cool during summers.
• Have a look into the inbuilt air purifier, which can clear harmful pollutants off the air. This may pave the way for more comfortable and cleaner environment.
• Consider the fan speed of the AC. You may select among the variety of fan speeds.
• Look for the one, which comes with remote control system to allow you to switch the AC on and off easily from anywhere in the room.

So, by considering the above factors, you can get hold of the best split air conditioner.

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