Buying vs. Building – Which Housing Option is Better For You?


Buying a house is one of the most popular options when it comes to the hunt for living arrangements. However, what many house hunters often forget, is that there is another option, building your own house.

There are pros and cons to both of these solutions, which can vary depending on your particular housing needs. In the following article, we will unravel some of these. That way, before you begin your house hunt you will have a solid idea of whether you need an estate agent or rather a home builder in Leeds.

Buy A House
Buy A House

Buying a house

There are a few fairly straightforward benefits to buying a house. First of all, your house will already be built. You won’t need to wait for its construction to wrap up. If you are on a strict timeline to locate a house, then a move-in ready house will be hugely beneficial.

Buying a house can also come with location advantages. Many favoured housing locations, especially in urban areas, have already been built up. This could make it difficult, if not impossible to find land in that location to build a house on. Purchasing a pre-built house avoids this conundrum, as the house will already exist in your choice location.

Do you completely abhor construction and renovations? Then buying a recently built house will come with the unique advantage of avoiding both situations. However, if you are purchasing a house because you dislike construction, make sure it is a newer build or recently renovated. Otherwise, you could end up with significant renovations that could prove costly.

Build A House
Build A House

Building a house

On the other hand, if you aren’t opposed to construction and you want to ensure your house suits you in every way, then building your own is a good alternative.

Building your house comes with several benefits not the least of which is being able to personalise it to your aesthetic. Who doesn’t want to move into a home that feels as if professional home builders designed it just for them?!

However, beyond this it also allows you to plan practical features into the design. Do you need more than two bathrooms? Then building gives you the option to plan ahead for this! Plus, you can also add environmentally friendly features and use eco-friendly materials.

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

What you should keep in mind before you head down the house-building path, is whether you are up to the hassle of obtaining insurance and building permits. In order to legally build a house on your plot of land, you will need to research and apply for a series of building permits. Then you will also need to obtain insurance to protect both you and the labourers who are working on your project. If the thought of navigating this legal maze makes you want to pull out your hair, buying a house that has already been built may be a better option.

In the end, whether you opt to buy a house or build is up to personal preferences. Both come with their own unique benefits and challenges. No matter which option you choose Bidvine, a UK-based professional services marketplace has you covered. Let Bidvine do the legwork for you and help you source top professionals near you to complete your home projects.