5 Home Electrical Repairs That You Can Totally Handle Yourself


There are times when DIY repairs with the term “electricity” may seem daunting, especially if we have never done such jobs in the past. But, knowing how to do them on your own can significantly help in saving some unnecessary expenses. However, here’s an important point to note when you are handling the electrical repair jobs— always ensure that the main power is off by unplugging it or finding the right breaker and turning it off. After all, your safety is primary to all the other expenses you pay to make your life comfortable.

Replacing A Switch
Replacing A Switch

Here are the five home electrical repairs that you can totally handle yourself. And if you are going beyond replacing a fixture, then we would suggest you seek advice from an electrician first.

1. Replacing a light switch

Perhaps you want to change your light switch during interior decoration of your home, or it has stopped working. It is crucial to understand the nomenclature of the light switch, whether it is Double Pole Switch, Single Pole Switch, Dimmer switch, Four-way Switch or a three-way switch. You can replace the switch quite easily. Do not forget to switch the power off. You may require needle-nose pliers, screwdriver, multimeter, and the switch.

2. Outlet replacement

Outlets are classified into three different types viz. Grounded, Ungrounded, and Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter. The outlet replacement is just as quick and easy as light switch replacement. The process of connecting the outlet is identical for normal as well as GFC outlet. You may need Gordon Powers to convert this outlet to grounded outlet.

Light Fitting Replacement
Light Fitting Replacement

3. Light Fitting replacement

Light fittings of various sizes and shapes are nowadays available in the market. But the method of wiring and attaching them to their ceiling is quite similar. So, before you get started with its installation, it is essential to confirm twice or thrice that the breaker is off. Putting a new fitting in place is comparatively difficult as you need to hold it while you are connecting wires again. If the fitting is heavy, you may call someone to assist you in this process.

4. Rewiring of a broken lamp

Among other easiest DIY electricity tasks is rewiring an old broken lamp. Restoring an old lamp is much less expensive than buying a brand-new lamp. Rewiring a lamp basis of its cord setting is incredibly simple. The lamp is hollow, and its cord runs down from the base to the socket, and you can see the attachment of wires.

Extension Cord Plug
Extension Cord Plug

5. Replacing the plug of an extension cord

You can always fix the plug of an extension cord as the process is relatively easy and requires less time. You will want to keep a few new plugs in your inventory as you never know when you need one. Extension cord plug replacement is much reasonable than driving down to the store and buying a new extension cord.

These five electrical repairs are the simplest DIYs. All you need is to be little bit cautious to avoid any accidents and the rest can be totally handled by you.